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"This is the first time I've been to a CPR class and actually learned."

- L.Wallace from St. Joseph, Mo.

"I have the worst case of test anxiety. Stephany relaxes you with jazz music and a comfortable,relaxed atmosphere."

- Margaret P. from Peculiar, Mo.

" CPR training is critical to my job description.This class was so easy and very informative."

- Brian N. from Raytown Mo.

"I had never had CPR training before,so I was pretty scared. I learned so much. I actually organized 6 of my family members & Stephany came to my house for class. How personal is that!"

- Emma R. from Olathe States

"my husband and I attended class together so we could feel comfortable caring for our 3 month old grandson with a trach. We received special one-on-one attention and felt completely competent in our skills at the end of class. We chose this class because special airways,resuscitating with a trach,is a regular part of every class."

-Mary Elizabeth from Leawood

"my job offered CPR free to employees, but I had to wait until their scheduled class came up and I would have had to be in class several hours. At CPR Concepts,I called on Tuesday morning & was in class at 6 p.m. and got my CPR card at the end of class. AWESOME!"

- Kristina from Fairway states

"I had to drive a little bit but it was worth it. Convenient, simple and thorough. This is the first time I left CPR class and actually felt confident enough to save a life. My wife is attending next week."

- Reggie from Liberty, Mo.

" We installed a new pool at our home and felt the need to be more prepared in case something bad happened. Stephany came to our house,preventing us from having to go out in bad weather."

- Rebecca from Mission

" I am the educational coordinator for an extended care facility. When I attended a private class held by Stephany, I was so impressed, we invited her and her associates to come to our facility to certify our entire staff of personal care attendants. We were given a very competitive group rate, the class time and duration acceptable, our conference room was left clean and organized and our employees were adequately trained. We now have a monthly CPR class at our facility. Training provided by Stephany Smith and the staff at CPR Concepts."

- Carmen from Kansas City

"CPR Concepts has been the company of choice for our training needs for 3 years. We have a monthly class, usually scheduled for Friday morning. Our students are pleased to get their card immediately after class.Card in hand, we the training staff are pleased and so are the students. We love being able to communicate by text messages and on-line."

- Ginger from a local training facility

"We came to class and didn't know each other but left as "fun aquaintances".This is what CPR training should be about. Not only did we really learn how to do CPR, we actually understood".

- Kerri , Patricia, Melissa, Margaret, Ignatius & Leah

"CPR and First Aid are valuable skills to have especially in a correctional facility and public service.We had a great time and learned a lot.We got each other all bloody then wrapped and splinted our cuts and broken arms. I thought I knew what to do for a bloody nose. I found out I DO NOT!! Thank you Stephany for making class so enjoyable and thoroughly explaining and demonstrating the concepts of CPR and First Aid. Keeping the fees reasonable and the learning process simple encourages us to spread the word how necessary it is for everyone to learn CPR and First Aid.Thanks again.We look forward to our next training session at our facility"

-Wyandotte County Community Corrections

"We took CPR as a family because we have a 2 year old at home and wanted to make sure everyone was trained in the event CPR is needed.I took CPR training with Stephany 2 years ago.Thats why I brought my whole family back this time. Even our 11 year old had fun and learned a lot."

-The Manley family